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September 09 - 18





(*dead birds/ lovebirds)

We are moving in swarms, always in search of something, ready to pick out new acquaintances in between millions of people. There are thousands of possibilities to meet each other and make contact. Anonymity can always transform into intimity - what will come of it is yet uncertain.

How did relationships change in Generation Y and how are they influenced by digital media?
Our courtship can be summed up in three apps and the next flirt is only one ‘swipe’ away. Driven by vague ideals we are stumbling into diverting adventures or even into the long desired relationship status.
With all these exciting possibilities, are we damned to fail due to our own ideas or does the situation offer a promising potential?
Is the (love)bird dead or does dating just work different these days?

For our next exhibition project Tote Tauben, Turteltauben we are looking for 3- 5 young artists, who would like to work on the ambivalence of relationships and the current social media channels in the big cities. The exhibition opens September 9 and will end September 18, 2016 at the project space kurt-kurt in Berlin.

The Open Call is now closed.

We would like to thank all artists for their applications and we get back to you as soon as possible.


The exhibition will be organized by the young art club Art van Demon Berlin e.V.
To learn more about our work and past exhibitions see the attached links. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

Art van Demon Berlin




A cinema for silent films through the ages

September, 12th - September, 18th 2015 in the former cinema for silent films Delphi (Per Aspera e.V.)

The theme of this exhibition was the buildings history and presence which concerns its origin, original function, the changes in times, a period of downtime and its transformation into a place for art and culture.
The title "Projektionen" is both: an allusion to the story of movie theater as well as the projections which come to the mind of the artist in connection to  their thoughts about the present state of the location. The participating artists have dealt  intensivly with the space where unique works, projections and collaborations have emerged. The exhibition was complemented by the screening of a film produced by Will Kempkes & David Dommel, a dance performance by Marisa  Akeny & Lukas Steltner and an action lecture about zombies held by Matthias Conrady .

Furthermore, "Projektionen" took place in cooperation with the "Park (ing) Day - Weissensee".

We as Art van Demon e.V. would like to thank all the artists and partners who have made this exhibition possible.

Berl - IN / OUT ?


August, 13th - August, 17th 2014

at the former cinema for silent movies Delphi (Per Aspera e.V.)


The exhibition dealed with the debates taken up by various press commentaries, blogs and critics worldwide. After years of being hyped, Berlin was declared to be ‚out‘. For a long time there has been the feeling that Berlin's reputation for being cool has come from the outside, without asking the people who actually live in the city and what they have to say about it.

10 different artists presented their thoughts and feelings about this theme via various media e.g. models, paintings or video installations. Besides the objects on display the exhibition went along with several workshops: a Dance Workshop- with Marisa Akeny, a Drawing Workshop – with the artist Jenerator Paulsen and a workshop about "Mindfulness & Stress-reduction" as well as a discussion forum about “Berliner Schule oder Stadbranding?” (What is the so called Berlin school of Art or Citybranding?) moderated by Christina Schrauwers and Kate Brehme.

>>>> Website

LILY BALDWIN : Uncanny Bites


April, 22th – April, 26th 2014 at Florastrasse 93, Pankow


The filmmaker and dancer LILY BALDWIN from New York City creates with her video installations about dance, gesture and musical elements conventionalized dream landscapes so that novel/new narrative structures are developed. Cheeky but at the same time elegant short films evolve from collaborations with musicians, designers and visual artists.

Art van Demon // Berlin was happy to present Lily Baldwin's recent video work „Sleepover LA“ on the evening of the vernissage . The film celebrated it's world premiere at last year's South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas and was shown in February 2014 at the Berlinale in the category European Film Market. Next to „Sleepover LA“ we were presenting a further short film of the video artist at the vernissage.

At the vernissage and finissage the young cook Wenzel Pankratz served small, experimental dishes. Together with him Art van Demon // Berlin arrange Berlins first Supper Art Club on Friday, 25th April 2014.
For further information: www.facebook.com/kunstkuecheberlin

Friederike Pilz: Herzlich

Art van Demon Berlin presents //

11th April - 2nd May 2014 in the art room Tapir

Solo Show of the artist Friederike Pilz
For further information: http://www.taktberlin.org/wordpress/?p=195 



Premiere : First exhibition in Berlin

30th August - 12th Septembre 2013 in Willner Brauerei (WBB)

The first great exhibition, the pilot project of Art van Demon // Berlin, was named „HeimGesucht“. For the show spaces were chosen which were left unexploited and aroused to new life by contemporary art. Six young artists from Berlin, Münster, Heidelberg and New York presented their positions in painting, graphic, installation and video in the former brewery of WBB for two weeks. With their art they conquered mental and physic spaces which delighted the public and like the title said gave their art a new home.

>>> Zum WBB Pankow



This is us



Saskia Wulff         Felicitas v. Wödtke Olga Potschernina
Pia Gralki Lisa Janke Thekla Mellau
Laura Wolf Jennifer Meiser Maria Grade



About the society

Art van Demon// Berlin is a project group of young art historians, who founded this society in February 2013. The Society engages in various experimental cultural projects and is open to anyone interested. The aim is to offer a way to gain practical experience and thus broaden educational qualification, whilst artistic and cultural projects challenging established beliefs come to life. The outcome is made available to the general public and strives to enhance the city´s cultural offerings. Our concern is to take up and convey relevant themes and in doing so we follow our parental organization Art van Demon e.V. founded in 2007 in Heidelberg. We aim at young artists, who search for an additional base for their creativity next to extablished institutes. 



co-operation partner


         CAJA TEA             Former Silent Cinema Delphi


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FURIOS /Edition 14/ Summer 2015

FURIOS/ Editiona 14 / Summer 2015